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Now let's see clearly how to set up Floating Bottom Ads on the WordPress platform. You may be wondering what the benefit of this is, through which your advertising will reach more people, and it is more Increase your Google AdSense advertising revenue.

WordPress Floating Bottom Ads

This article will give you an idea of how to do this easily, as well as the plugin for this.

1. Setup: First, keep your WordPress dashboard open. Then go to the plugin area and try adding a new plugin. All you have to do now is upload that awesome Floating Bottom Ads plugin. This will increase your Adsense income.

WordPress Floating Bottom Ads

2. Setup: The Floating Bottom Ads plugin is currently unavailable in this area. The reason is that this is an Ads plugin that is not for sale, in this Ads plugin is available for free when you purchase certain themes.

So you can go to give yourself a free download of this, which means I'll give you a free Floating Bottom Ads plugin.

Download the WordPress website Floating Ads plugin and then touch the upload plugin section. Then upload your downloaded plugin to the WordPress website.

WordPress website Floating Ads plugin

3. Setup: Now that your Floating Ads plugin is fully uploaded, then carefully give the active plugin the bottom ads plugin you just uploaded.

After this, you will see some new options in your WordPress website dashboard, that's Ads Links Coupons.

Floating Ads plugin is fully uploaded

4. Setup: Now that your crucial moment is about to begin, it is imperative that you do this. Touch the Add New section first, then follow the Add New Ad to create a new Floating Bottom Ads.

The next step is to put a title on your Bottom Ads, namely. then, go to your Google AdSense advertising area and create an ad code, which must be 320/100 or 320/50 in size.

Then the AdSense code you created Enter the Paste AdSense code to extract the automatically box.

AdSense code to extract the automatically

5. Setup: You have successfully done 90% of the work well. Now we can move on to the next step. All you have to do now is publish these Floating Bottom Ads that you have created.

WordPress Floating Bottom Ads plugin

6. Setup: Well, now we have tolerated the ads code and done it published. But how to make it visible that the bottom of our website?

To make this possible we need to go to the settings area. Then you need to make some changes in the Slide Up area in the Global slots area. All of this can be easily you can be achieved.

Slide Up area in the Global slots ads area

6. Setup: We are now nearing the end of our path, and in a few minutes, our work is about to be successfully completed. WordPress Floating Bottom Ads are broadcast on your site shortly. Let's learn this too.

You are currently in the Global slots area, here is the title of the 320/100 ad we created in the ad area, It is necessary to choose. Then select the center in the Alignment area below and save changes.

Bottom Ads displayed increase your income.

That's all my congratulations to you, you have achieved. Floating Bottom Ads will no longer be displayed on your website, which will increase your income.



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